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New Age, world Fusion Music

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About Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood is a master of the musical collage, bringing various sacred traditions and styles together into a meaningful and soul-stirring sound. He is an award-winning independent artist who has sold more than 100,000 copies of his three New Age/World music albums. Wood’s fourth album, ETERNAL, is being released in Spring 2018.

Since his 2002 debut, Wood’s recordings have received heavy airplay on syndicated digital music channels such as Music Choice Soundscapes, Sirius/XM Spa, and Dish.  This, coupled with impressive retail sales, makes him one of the top independent artists in the New Age music market.

As a composer, producer, promoter, keyboardist, drummer, and manager of his own record label, New Vision Music, Kevin Wood wears many hats.

“My intention is to make meaningful music that helps people feel an open and warm connection to Spirit within. On a deeper level, I write music that helps the listener feel oneness with Spirit, humanity, Mother Earth, and all that there is. My albums take this further and offer spiritual themes that invite the listener to enter a heart-felt journey into a beautiful and mystical place not yet seen or heard, but familiar enough in instrumentation and style to feel safe, connected and at peace.”


Wood takes many paths in creating new music: “I write songs in various ways. I might start with a chant, or an interplay between two vocals, or a simple or newly-created chord progression.

My inspiration may stem from meditation or a chance encounter, or even a melody I hear in a dream. My most beloved songs have come about in unexpected ways, which keeps the process exciting and the final recordings fresh and unique.”


Kevin Wood has produced and co-produced more than 55 digital-only albums, collaborations that resulted in the sale of 1.5 million downloads of relaxation music and nature sounds. Some of those albums have reached #1 on iTunes New Age, #7 on Billboard, and #1 on Rhapsody New Age, while several albums garner millions of streams each month.

Wood has produced all of his own albums on his New Vision Music label. In 2009, he released SYNERGY, a highly-acclaimed compilation album which includes fourteen artists. In 2014, he produced MUSIC THAT MATTERS, a benefit album which includes music from thirty-six artists, including nine GRAMMY nominees. Described as “unprecedented. . . an All-Star lineup” (Michael Diamond Reviews), 100% of the album’s proceeds benefit LoveLight, a group helping South African children.


Through his company, New Vision Promotion (, Wood has been promoting many well-regarded New Age/Instrumental artists for almost two decades.

His client list includes Grammy winner Paul Avgerinos, Grammy nominees David Lanz, Phil Coulter and John Burke, as well as Stanton Lanier, Michael Whalen, Al Jewer, Jeff Pearce, Jami Sieber, Steven C, Snatam Kaur, Ashana, and Brian Crain.


Wood’s third album, KINDRED (2008), earned “Best Meditation/Relaxation Album of the Year” from Zone Music Reporter (ZMR). The album features chants from all over the world that are seamlessly interwoven with modern grooves and ethereal sounds. Music from KINDRED was included in The Seasons DVD from the Yosemite National Park series by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Sterling Johnson.

Wood’s second album, SACRED (2005), earned the #2 “World Album of the Year” award from Backroads Music and “Best New Age Album of the Year” by the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR). In this truly unique project, Wood combined Native American chant and Gregorian chant with his eclectic, mood-altering original music. The album was featured on iTunes New Age for two months, selected by the iTunes editorial staff over hundreds of other albums.

Compositionally, KINDRED was heavily influenced by visits to various Native American sites across the Southwest where Wood was honored to be offered traditional native chants for his music projects.


Kevin Wood grew up in a suburb of Nashville, TN, surrounded by musicians. “Music was at the heart of people’s livelihood in so many households.  It was a way of life.” Encouraged by his mother, also a pianist, Kevin began classical piano lessons at age 7, and started playing drums and at the age of 10. He went on to win music composition awards in high school and later hosted a New Age music radio show in college.

Although music was not Kevin’s major, he studied piano for two years under Baylor University’s Dr. Michael Ard, an exceptionally-skilled pianist with highly creative methods and Eastern philosophical perspectives, both of which influenced Kevin’s music. As an adult, Kevin has lived in and around Austin, TX, a city that claims the title “Live Music Capitol of the World.”

Kevin, and his wife, Jennifer, have a 7-year-old daughter and own two adorable rescue dogs.  Kevin is active with The Men’s Fellowship Network and is a Unity Church member where he and Jennifer serve as ushers.

“Above all, I love to create and go where my heart leads. If you follow your true passions and fully commit yourself to your innermost calling, I believe it will serve you well and will help make the world a better place,” said Wood.