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About Kevin Wood

“My intention is to make meaningful music that helps people feel good. On a deeper level, I write music that helps the listener feel oneness. . . with humanity, with the earth, with nature, with all that there is; to help people feel more connected and joyful. My music offers spiritual themes that invites the listener to enter a journey into something deeper, a beautiful and mystical place not yet seen, nor heard,” said Wood.

Kevin Wood is an award-winning independent artist/composer who has sold over 85,000 of his three New Age/World albums and 1 million nature sounds tracks (from nature albums that have reached #1 on iTunes New Age, #7 on Billboard and #1 on Rhapsody New Age). He is also a producer and a music promoter for other highly renowned New Age artists.

Awards and Recognition

Kevin’s most recent and third album release, KINDRED, which was debuted at the Deepak Chopra “Seduction of Spirit” meditation training in Austin, Texas, offers a strong World flavor that complements his conventional compositional style. For this album, chants from all over the globe are seamlessly woven with modern grooves and ethereal sounds. Kindred earned “Best Meditation/Relaxation” album of the year from Zone Music Reporter (ZMR). Music from this album was included, along with David and Diane Arkenstone, in “The Seasons” DVD from the Yosemite Natl Park series by EMMY award-winning film maker Sterling Johnson, whose DVDs are featured on PBS.

Wood’s second album, SACRED, is a truly unique project whereby Wood combined Native American chant with Gregorian chant along with his eclectic, mood altering music. Wood’s writing for both albums has turned toward the World genre as he has artistically evolved, particularly influenced by visits to various Native American sites across the American Southwest. Wood has been honored with American Indians offering their chants for his music projects, which has made his songs feel more “meaningful, interesting, and connected,” said Wood. “Sacred” earned Wood #2 “World Album of the Year” from Backroads Music and “Best New Age Album” of the year by the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR).

Music Career

In music, he’s a composer, a producer, a keyboard player, a drummer, a promoter, an entrepreneur and an active manager of his artist-owned record label, New Vision Music and promotion company, New Vision Promotion. Wood runs New Vision Promotion, which offers radio and retail promotion for New Age/Instrumental artists. He has promoted a number of accomplished artists within his genre including Grammy nominees David Lanz, Phil Coulter, Paul Avgerinos, and renowned artists Stanton Lanier, Michael Whalen, Al Jewer, Jeff Pearce, Jami Sieber and Brian Crain. In 2014 Wood produced a benefit album, Music That Matters, which includes 36 tracks from 36 genre-leading artists, including 9 GRAMMY nominated artists.


The path to living his dream began early. Trained in classical piano and percussion since age 8, Wood was heavily influenced by conventionally structured music – a style that affected him and served him well within the New Age genre. Kevin went on to win music composition competitions in high school using his now-classic synthesizer, the Roland Juno 106, and then host a New Age music radio show while in college.

Other Pursuits

Outside of music, Wood is a father, a husband, a Unity church member and usher, a real estate investor, and even a spare time inventor. “Above all, I love to create, and I really try to go where my heart leads. I deeply believe if you follow your true passions . . . your calling, and work hard at it, you will be well served and be in a better space to serve others too." said Wood.