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Album Releases

Debuted April 4th at the Deepak Chopra "Seduction of Spirit" Meditation training/retreat. Also, Kindred was the featured CD on the cover of Music Design's 2009 full-line Catalog, and won Best Meditation Album (ZMR Awards).

Hear beautiful vocals from Celtic, Gaelic, Native American, Indian & Gregorian traditions seamlessly combined with modern grooves and ethereal arrangements to create a rich and spiritual listening experience.

"Peaceful, timeless. . . listeners are treated to a soundscape of ethereal beauty that is accented by world culture themes." -- Music Design: "Fantastic CD. Magnificent!" -- Lloyd Barde, Backroads

"Sounds like Enigma meets Deep Forest & Sacred Spirit. Soothing, Spiritual, Awesome!" --KCSM radio

WINNER: Best New Age Album of the Year -- 2006 COVR Awards

In Search of Kindred Spirits (Free download)

Gregorian Chant, Native Indian chants, and various world vocals are artfully woven with beautiful piano and string melodies and modern grooves to take you on a sacred and spiritual journey.

"Synthesia" - When stimulation of the senses crosses over to evoke another sensation, it is called synesthesia. Scenic Listening explores this phenomenon with tribal grooves, cross cultural influences, and soaring melodies. Rich string harmonies and fluid piano conjure vivid images and lush mindscapes.

Rated #2 Instrumental Album of the Year --Heartbeats/Backroads

#4 Album on NAV Top-100 New Age Radio Chart

"Fantastic! A wonderful blend of Enigma, Deep Forest, Yanni" --KCSM Radio

"Deeper & more spiritual than most anything else out there. " --Insite Mag

Cathedral Echo (Free Downloade)

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