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Synergy CD Compilation

Synergy: A Relaxing New Age Music Collection

SYNERGY is a tour-de-force compilation of some of today's most illuminating artists in the New Age music genre. One thing that stands out about the album is its breadth -- you have the contemporary instrumental work of Peter Kater and David Arkenstone alongside the Native American sounds of Douglas Blue Feather and Marina Raye, the touching piano of Stanton Lanier, the vocal purity of Jillian Goldin and Ashana and the dreamy multi-ethnic fusion work of Kevin Wood. And that's just naming a few of the many artists on this collection.

The songs were sequenced so that each track dovetails perfectly with the one that follows, sharing similar moods and instrumentation for a seamless experience. The result is a gentle, atmospheric tapestry of tranquility for you to indulge in; a synergy.

--Music Design (InReview, April 2009)

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