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Eternal Album Released!

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ETERNAL jumps to #4 on Billboard

In it’s first week Eternal has already
made it to Billboard New Age Album chart!

“Listening over and over. . . very elaborate, and very well produced!”

Bette Timm

New Age Promotor


ETERNAL combines sacred and tribal chant with classical instrumentation to create a memorable musical landscape. Featuring 10 guest artists – including renowned cellists Jami Sieber and South Africa’s Francois le Roux – every song is sure to transport you to beautiful and enchanting realms of peace.

“I love, love, love this album and have been listening to it since I got the review copy. WOW!”

Lenora W.

Music Buyer, New Leaf Distributing

“Listening over and over. . . very elaborate, and very well produced!”

Bette Timm

New Age Promotor

“Every song on ETERNAL is brilliant. It’s like a magic carpet or a tapestry.”

Robert Silverstein

Preview videos for the new album Eternal


Light Shines Through

Kevin shares his inspiration for Light Shines Through 

The Making of Eternal

The new album Eternal is being released and Kevin Wood shares a little of the technical about his process of producing this album. The music is from the first track of the album – In Search of Meaning.

Grace Eternal

Kevin shares about the song Grace Eternal from the new album Eternal

“A classic rendition inspired by the deep sense of eternal grace that flowed through me during meditation and prayer.”

Eternal Reviews

“Rich, lush and exotic.” Michael Brandt DeMaria

4-time Grammy nominated

offering a peaceful place for the listener to open up to their own inner spiritual journey”

Michael Foster

Ambient Visions

“Sounds awesome!” Paul Avgerinos

Grammy winning Artist

The one world global fusion nature of Eternal is magical to behold Steve Sheppard

One World Music

“Really gorgeous” Michael Whalen

two-time Emmy winner

“sumptuous. . . immense scope and sonic magnitude.”

Robert Silverstein

“This is for sure one of this year’s most interesting releases! Kevin’s many fans have a lot to look forward to.” BT Fasmer

beautiful energies and lush melodies, each arrangement is built so artistically that they will manifest layer upon layer of brilliance

Steve Sheppard

One World Music

I keep listening to it, as it combines all those things I tenderly love about music, myself, and is healing…Bravo…and thank you for sharing this gorgeous music with the rest of us.

Zan Agzagian

Producer/Host, Soundspace with Zan

“Brilliant.” Jon Birge

Hearts of Space Records

Dancing Around the Soul

Kevin shares his experience with the piano playing around the cello.  Watch as he creates a short piece.

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yes, he reads every one!