Best New Age Album For 2018 – Kevin Wood’s “Eternal”

“Eternal,” the latest soul-stirring album from award-winning composer Kevin Wood, celebrates chart position milestones including a peak position at #4 on Billboard’s New Age Chart and the top spot at #1 on both Amazon Digital New Age and ZMR New Age. “Eternal,” which “One World Music” describes as “beautiful energies and lush melodies, each arrangement is built so artistically that they will manifest layer upon layer of brilliance,” was released on May 5, 2018. It is Wood’s most personal album to date and follows his deep struggles with anxiety and a crisis in faith and purpose. He returned to composing and inspiration through a spirit-centered awakening and by surrendering to forgiveness and love.

Wood, a voting member of The Recording Academy (producers of the annual GRAMMY Awards telecast), is a composer, promoter, keyboardist, drummer, and label executive. Since “Scenic Listening,” his 2001 debut in the New Age music genre, Wood’s recordings have received heavy airplay on syndicated digital music channels. This, in addition to impressive retail sales, makes him one of the top artists in New Age music. Wood has also produced or co-produced more than 55 digital-only albums — collaborations that resulted in sales of 1.5 million downloads. Some of those albums have reached #1 on iTunes New Age and Rhapsody New Age, as well as the Top-10 on “Billboard” several albums garner millions of streams per month.

Eternal by Kevin Wood

#4 on Billboard New Age

#1 ZMR New Age

#1 Amazon Digital New Age

#1 CD New Leaf Distributing

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videos from Kevin about the tracks

Rich, lush and exotic

Michael Brandt DeMaria

4-time Grammy nominated

Layer upon layer of brilliance

Steve Sheppard

One World Music

Listening over and over

Bette Timm

New Age Retail Consultant

Kevin shares about the song Light Shine Through from the new album Eternal

Kevin shares about the song Grace Eternal from the new album Eternal

Sounds awesome!

Paul Avgerinos

Grammy winning Artist

I love, love, love this album

Lenora W.

Music Buyer, New Leaf Distributing


Jeff Silverman

Palette Records, Recording Academy member

Powerful … profoundly grounding

John Schneider

Recording Academy member/musician

Amazing … a real piece of art

Keith Hannaleck

MuzikMan Reviews

Sumptuous, brilliant … immense

Robert Silverstein

Kevin shares about the making of the new album Eternal

Your music is anointed

Elaine Emminger

Recording Academy Member

Exquisite album …
shines into the heart

Michael Foster

Ambient Visions

Gorgeous, calming … brilliant!

Lori Henriques

Recording Academy member

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