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These albums are available for download from many sources but the feel of a CD with the beautiful artwork and information included on the case adds to the value and feel of the rich music the CD holds within. When ordering here you will be directly supporting the artist and will pay no shipping.

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Kindred CD

Kindred is a beautiful combination of relaxing rhythms, lush orchestrations and soft melodies that can take a person away from the stresses of the day.”

– Gregory Johnson,

Kindred CD from the artist

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Sacred CD

“Sacred is “a veritable buffet of gourmet listening… Native American voices, Gregorian chants, various world vocals and modern rhythms “

-Lloyd Barde, Backroads Music

Sacred CD from the artist

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Scenic Listening CD

“Musical imagery rich in feelings and intuition. The music swirls, looking for direction, falling back on beautiful melodies, to rise again, evoking visual panoramas of nature.”

– Chuck Diliberto, Awareness Magazine

Scenic Listening CD from the artist

$12 Free shipping

Send Kevin a message — yes, he reads every one!

Send Kevin a message 
yes, he reads every one!