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Debuted April 4th at the Deepak Chopra “Seduction of Spirit” Meditation training/retreat. Also, Kindred was the featured CD on the cover of Music Design’s 2009 full-line Catalog, and won Best Meditation Album (ZMR Awards).

Hear beautiful vocals from Celtic, Gaelic, Native American, Indian & Gregorian traditions seamlessly combined with modern grooves and ethereal arrangements to create a rich and spiritual listening experience.

“Peaceful, timeless. . . listeners are treated to a soundscape of ethereal beauty that is accented by world culture themes.” — Music Design: “Fantastic CD. Magnificent!” — Lloyd Barde, Backroads


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This artist from Austin, TX continues to deepen his musical offerings as his third CD, “Kindred,” achieves new heights of melodic sensibility, and the ability to blend a variety of styles into a cohesive whole. And it has perched itself on the top of my CD pile ever since it arrived.

The artist writes: “Just as we are bound together by spirit, as well as our appreciation for beauty, may the music reveal to you that we are more connected than we can even imagine. So listen, open your heart, and reach out to one another, for we are brothers and sisters. We are indeed . . . Kindred.” Kevin’s artful mix of beautiful melodies, ancient voices and steady rhythms can easily transport you to a paradise-like place of wisdom, peace and sanctity, and it’s a place to revisit time and again.

Lloyd Barde

AURA Magazine

Kindred” is a beautiful combination of relaxing rhythms, lush orchestrations and soft melodies that can take a person away from the stresses of the day. Wood uses more melodic vocal tracks in his songs than he did with his previous two releases; “Scenic Listening” and “Sacred.” The vocal melodies and chants are from a variety of traditional musical such as Native American, Indian, Celtic, Gaelic and Gregorian. The vocal tracks are perfectly woven in with the instrumentals of this CD and provide a new sound for those listeners familiar with Wood’s previous works.

For those people that are familiar with Wood’s music, “Kindred” will be a welcomed addition to their collection. If you haven’t yet heard Kevin Wood’s music, then “Kindred” is a great piece for your first experience. Just place this CD in your player, sit back in your favorite chair and let the music take you to on a relaxing journey through your imagination.

Gregory Johnson

On KINDRED, the third album from imaginative composer Kevin Wood, listeners are treated to a soundscape of ethereal beauty that is accented with subtle world culture themes. This ties into the overarching theme of the album – unity and connection among our fellow men and women. As is the case with his previous albums, the music is gentle with an uplifting, almost spiritual edge, combining soft synths and light rhythm with piano, guitar, cello and chant/vocalese. Wood has a real talent for balancing the various instruments and influences while maintaining a consistent lightness in his arrangements. For example, “Adoration” includes the vocals of Nhanda Devi along with chant from the Native American Choctaw tribe, though neither influence dominates in the track. Instead, it’s the soul of each that shines through, lending the piece a peaceful, timeless quality.

Dan Cowan

Music Design

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