The Making of Eternal

While I felt a calling to produce my first 3 albums, Eternal was different. I truly believe I was fulfilling my destiny; expressing a spiritual journey that was similar to others who have walked the same path. Supporting this belief were the amazing happenstances and synchronicities along the way such as the time I found myself hosting the great musician and cellist, Francois le Roux, in our home, and the wonderful recording sessions that followed.

What went into this album

Musicians: over ten
Production: over five years in the making
Effort: over 1500 creation hours

Light Shines Through

 Kevin shares his inspiration for Light Shines Through 


The Making of Eternal

Kevin Wood shares his process of recording, taking us from the technical to the beauty of the sound.

Grace Eternal

Kevin shares about the song Grace Eternal from the new album Eternal

Dancing Around the Soul

Kevin share his experience with playing music “around” the cello. 

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yes, he reads every one!